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Gilbert and George (shitty world)

26 diciembre, 2012

The Naked Shit Pictures (1994–5), The Fundamental Pictures  (1996) and The Rudimentary Pictures (1999) engage with the norms of masculinity while visually accommodating the uncanny presence of the abject with the artists’ bodies. They can also be considered further, even symptomatized, as a post-AIDS response to the contemporary trouble with sex, sexuality, body, death and risk. Por Cüneyt Çakirlar, en Masculinity, Scatology, Mooning and the Queer/able Art of Gilbert & George: On the Visual Discourse of Male Ejaculation and Anal Penetration,  (Paragraph, 2011).

Gilbert and George - Shitted 1983Shitted, 1983

Gilbert and George - Bum holes 1994Bum holes, 1994

The visual co-existence of any combination of the anal (shit), the penile (piss, spunk) and the oral (spit) challenges further the masculine rigidity of ‘I’, which provokes what Calvin Thomas calls ‘male anxiety’ and catalyses the queer affinities of the imagery. (Cüneyt Çakirlar, íd)

Gilbert and George - World from Shitty Naked Human World 1994World, 1994

Gilbert & George - Shitty world 1994 Museo madreShitty world, 1994

Gilbert and George - Flying Shit 1994Flying Shit, 1994

Gilbert & George 1994_SHITTY_from Shitty Naked Human WorldShitty, 1994

Gilbert & George - Naked from SNHW 1994Naked, 1994

Gilbert and George - Blood on shit 1996Blood on shit, 1996

Gilbert and George - Spunk-blood-piss-shit-spit 1996Spunk, blood, piss, shit, spit, 1996

Gilbert and George - Our spunk 1997Our spunk, 1997