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Tricia Lawless Murray

12 octubre, 2012

(Imágenes retiradas por petición de la autora)

La fotógrafa californiana Tricia Lawless Murray presenta una obra que -con el cuerpo femenino como objeto- muestra con descarnada sinceridad los estragos físicos provocados por el placer, el deseo y el dolor.

Lawless confronta al espectador con los resultados de prácticas cercanas al masoquismo, como el spanking, ofreciendo un muestrario físico, trasero, colateral y fragmentario del dolor como corolario del placer. Sus fotografías documentan los estragos corporales con la neutralidad de un investigador o la asepsia de un informe forense, conformando una colección de anónimos culos tumefactos, de caprichosas formas violetas que se dibujan caprichosas sobre la piel doliente.

En tiempos de corrección política, el flirteo o la autoexploración con las formas del deseo y en concreto con las marcas de la violencia sexual resultan controvertidamente refrescante.

(All images removed at author’ s request)

The majority of the work is based on real life experiences that occurred in times of play, where the purpose was to explore desires and fantasies, but when you have baggage these releases become as much about pain as they do with pleasure. I don’t feel that expressing and experiencing pain is a bad thing, in fact, I think it is really healthy. When I delve into these past memories in these moments of play, the feelings that are released can be processed in a different way where reparations can be made. I’m not intentionally going out to reconstruct past memories. These experiences are drawn from me pursuing personal fantasy and my sense of what I desire, and sometimes that is rooted in memories from the past. I don’t know that any of us can escape our past and how it conditions and control us. Entrevista con Tricia Lawless en One Giant Arm.

The works put together begins to tell the story of dejected relations wrought upon the bodies of those pictured in the images. The nature of sexuality is that its boundaries are often very messy and undefined and that titillation is derived from transgressing these murky private spaces, both physical and mental. Pictured here are some representations of lonely or aggressive moments that form a broken narrative that speaks to elements of how I desire and how I want to be desired.