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Milena Flaherty: A Sensual Obsession

2 octubre, 2011

This scar is a sign of radical difference inscribed and displayed in the body, a resistance not congruent, not commensurable with the dialectic of the system… This resistance, the film suggests, is not located within the terms of the productive apparati of power/knowledge, for no “truth” is produced there about Milena’s character; but neither is it located outside of those practices and discourses which constitute the given social world. It is, quite simply, difference.

“What about my time” shouts Milena in a context where time stands for desire…The apparatus of cinema -both classical narrative and avant-garde cinema- has been developed in a culture founded exactly on the exclusion of all discourse in which that question could be posed.

Teresa de Lauretis, Alice doesn´t. Feminism Semiotics Cinema. “Now and Nowhere: Roeg´s Bad Timing“, 1984.