Enema escultura

Klismaphilia is a paraphilia that is characterized by the deriving of sexual stimulation form having an enema administered. An enema is an insertion of liquid through the anus into the rectum, especially to expel the contents of the bowel. The Kilismaphiliac gains satisfaction by both fantasizing about getting an enema and by actually getting one. Klismaphiliac becomes more erotically aroused by the eliminatory process. It is usually men who get excited and get erections when administered enemas as youths although women are also involved in this sexual behavior. The paraphilia is used as a substitute for genital intercourse. Usually the Klismaphiliac carries out a normal life, and manages to engage in this strange behavior secretly, keeping this paraphilia private. Klismaphiliacs usually try to get others (usually a woman) to administer an enema under the false pretence of being constipated. They try to conceal the pleasure they receive from this administration.

Una respuesta to “Clismafilia”

  1. Misterioso objeto por el culo Says:

    Tal es así, que Casen, en el prospecto de su enema, ofrece un teléfono de contacto por si se utiliza más enema del que se debiera.


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