Fistfucking – Pat Califia

Desire for another’s touch is our first protest against the existential loneliness that dogs human consciousness (…)

AndresSerrano The fist

It makes all the hairs on my body stand straight up in awe: That illusion of holding another person’s beating heart in the palm of my cupped hand. The first time, I was very stoned and following the terse directions of a thoroughly debauched fag who thought it would be a giggle to see the look on my face when my whole hand went up inside him. So many contradictory insights washed over me that I could barely keep my forearm moving in its hot sheath of Crisco and intestinal membranes. I knew that without the MDA, pot, acid and poppers I’d ingested, this never would have happened. But I also knew that there was something sacred about our deep intimacy that was higher than any chemical could ever get me, perhaps as high as heaven itself.

The man I was fucking was not a nice person, nor did he have any particular affection for me; after we were done, he would move on to someone with a bigger fist and a thicker arm, or simply line up dildos in order (from large to gargantuan) and perch till daybreak. And yet I felt such great love for his body, which had opened, accepted and blessed me; and from his body, waves of gratitude for the pleasure. I was utterly aware of the vulnerability of this man whose legs were locked up and back, his feet waving around his ears, but I was also in thrall to the power of his piggishness, enslaved by the aggressive strength of his wanton hole. There we were, one man and one woman, locked in sexual congress — but nothing could be queerer.

The Necessity of Excess (2002)

5 comentarios to “Fistfucking – Pat Califia”

  1. cindy shermann Says:

    Tengo que felicitarla, hacía falta un blog asi donde nada es lo que parece y donde todos sean como quieran. Fuera etiquetas! Saludos.

  2. Misterioso objeto por el culo Says:

    Muchas gracias por su comentario y por sus ánimos entusiastas, esperamos contar con Ud. entre los asiduos y disfrutar así de su presencia e incluso de sus sugerencias.

    Un apunte: no nos casa la interpelación en femenino de su comentario con la exhortación a acabar con las etiquetas. Eso quizás demuestre que no es tarea fácil.


  3. Julián Manuel Delgado y Franco Says:

    Estimada señora:

    ¿Es usted la de las fotos? ¿Tiene más?
    Me gustan mucho. Son muy bonitas.
    ¿Usted a quién prefiere, Rocío Dúrcal o Rocío Jurado?

  4. Glúteo Alterno Says:

    Siempere me disgustó mucho la callada guerra que existía entere las dos Rocíos más soberesalientes que han existido. Se odiaban porofundamente y anhelaban ser la única y veredadera. Hasta sus últimos días compitieron ferozmente por logarar ese pirimer puesto rociero que finalmente fue a parar a Rosarillo por un defecto administarativo.

  5. Crisco « Misterioso objeto por el culo Says:

    […] al AstroGlide y a la vaselina para facilitar las prácticas del sexo anal, entre ellas, del fistfucking. Entre sus ventajas, muchos americanos señalan que no se seca ni alpemaza y que su efecto es muy […]


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